Rebecca was instrumental for me in achieving my VBA2C! My husband and I knew within minutes of meeting her that she is who we wanted to be with us when we delivered our baby. She exudes confidence, warmth and calmness. She truly listened to my husband and I every time we met, getting to know who we are as people, as a couple and as a family. She provided so much experience, insight and expertise while holding space for all of my desires and fears for birth while prepping for a VBA2C. During labor she helped so much with the pain but more memorably she was just a calm and warm presence with me that gave me so much confidence to get through it naturally. Rebecca is so special, we are so grateful for her!



I had the privilege of having Rebecca as my doula during the birth of my child, and I can confidently say that she played an instrumental role in making it the most beautiful experience of my life.

From our very first meeting, Rebecca exuded warmth, compassion, and professionalism. She took the time to truly understand my desires, fears, and expectations for the birthing process, and she tailored her support accordingly. Throughout my pregnancy, Rebecca provided invaluable emotional support, offering reassurance and guidance whenever I needed it.

During labor, Rebecca was an absolute rock. Her calming presence and unwavering support helped me navigate each contraction with confidence and grace. She used a variety of techniques to help manage my pain and discomfort. But more than that, she provided me with the emotional support I needed to stay focused and empowered throughout the entire process.

Rebecca’s knowledge and expertise were evident every step of the way. She was a wealth of information, answering all of my questions and offering helpful advice on everything from labor positions to breastfeeding techniques. Her presence gave me the confidence to trust in my body’s ability to birth my baby, and for that, I am forever grateful.

Thanks to Rebecca, I was able to achieve the birth experience I had always hoped for—a calm, peaceful, unmedicated, and empowering journey into motherhood. I cannot recommend her highly enough to any expectant parent seeking compassionate and knowledgeable support during pregnancy and childbirth. Rebecca truly is a doula extraordinaire, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have had her by my side during this special time in my life.

Leah Viger


When Rebecca showed up as my doula, I had actually never met her before! The doula I had hired was out of the country when my sweet baby decided to make his arrival 6 weeks earlier than expected, and Rebecca was scheduled as her back-up doula. She decided to come check on me when I was still in early labor and she immediately filled the room with calmness and confidence when she walked in. All of the fears I had about a baby coming so early, and having to do a hospital-birth instead of a home birth, all melted away with her genuine care and years of experience. The way she stepped onto the scene and cared for me during labor made me feel like I had known her my whole pregnancy! This was my 2nd birth without an epidural, and Rebecca was amazing at pain management techniques! I wish I would have had her for my first birth!! She helped me labor in a variety of positions and the double-hip squeeze made each contraction so much easier! She used counter pressure while I labored in the tub and provided me with so much verbal encouragement throughout the whole labor.  Somehow she was able to help me through every contraction, but also capture amazing photos of my husband and I, and the birth of our son… images I will treasure forever. She followed up post-partum via text and a home visit, and she feels like family now. I am so thankful to have met Rebecca and really couldn’t imagine a better doula than her!

Ty Townsend


Finding my words has always been a challenge for me. So, as a first-time-mother, a woman of color and no family nearby Rebecca, was exactly who I needed her to be in our journey to parenthood. I think all the logistics that went along with hiring her as our Doula, the photography, the encapsulation was absolutely stunning, as well as all the knowledge she presented me throughout my pregnancy was incredible!

Her resume speaks for itself! However, it is Rebecca’s strength, her confidence and faith that gave me the courage to take a stand for my circumstances. Rebecca is a firecracker and is not afraid to stand firm in her beliefs. I believe when you’re dealing with the medical community and lives are at stake, she is the type of person you want on your team. She is a Mama Bear herself! So it doesn’t go unnoticed her nurturing qualities and how they speak volumes. She is gentle with her approach to your concerns and needs and doesn’t mind taking a backseat to give you and your family space that allows you to be yourselves. She is compassionate and I never felt judged for my struggles, rather embraced and that level of empathy is a rare quality in itself. We are truly blessed to have had Rebecca on our team and more grateful to call her our friend. She is definitely the woman for the job!

Felicia Wren


Where do I begin.

FOUR babies and a lot of life is how Rebeca has impacted our lives. She may be a birth doula, but in many senses she’s truly a life doula. God has called her to be a doula and it’s evident in every experience you’ll have with her.

In our most recent and most likely final birth, she helped us create a sacred space after experiencing a year of grief through the loss of many family members. She frequently checked in when I felt overwhelmed with words of peace, wisdom, and support to keep us going. Throughout the labor process she was the missing piece, filling the space we needed gently and quietly.

Not only did she offer prenatal, birth, and postpartum support she captured every precious moment of the brith of our daughter. These moments I now get to keep close to us in stunning photos and video.

From the moment we met her we knew she would play an important role in birth and now our lives.


Brittany Schlueter


Where do I begin? Rebecca undoubtedly possesses every trait you could want in a doula. She is knowledgeable, supportive, a great listener, kind and has this overall calming presence that just makes you feel so at ease. I truly do not know what I would have done without her when my birth experience did not go as planned. She was easily reached and stayed with me and supported me through many many hours of labor. Rebecca is a true gem and any mama will be so lucky to have her in their corner.

Giulia Rayis


When I got pregnant, it was such a surprise. My husband and I have gone through years of TTC, infertility treatments, and multiple miscarriages. We finally concieved this beautiful rainbow baby. Immediately I knew the birth I wanted, a natural, home birth with a trusted doula and trusted midwives. I did a lot of research online mostly for doulas, and with my midwife’s recommendation, I found Rebecca. Immediately I knew there was a connection with her. She is kind, warm, open, encouraging, honest, and supportive. She answered and still answers any question we have. She provides solid recommendations, emotional support, and reaffirms my instincts. My birth plan did not go as expected, labor and delivery ended up in the hospital with some complications, but Rebecca was there by our side every step of the way.. I don’t know what we would have done without her. I truly believe  my birth and the labor would not have gone as it did if it weren’t for her. And I know my husband felt supported as well. We will be having Rebecca by our side again for our future babies ??



Hello! This was my second pregnancy, and I wanted to ensure I had a helping hand with a strong delivery/birth knowledge next to me, and I choose Rebecca to be that person. My first experience was terrible as a first time mom, and I planned to hire a doula as soon as I knew I was pregnant for the second time. She was caring, attentive, and I felt safe. Her helped came at the end of the pandemic insanity, and since she was contracted with the hospital, I did not have any issues with her being not allowed. My mom is alive, but she is not a supportive person. I wished I hired her on my first pregnancy. I highly recommend her to my friends and family. She was present and able to anticipate my birth needs along advocating for me.

Danae LeMoine


Rebecca is an amazing doula. She came highly recommended from friends and upon meeting her we understood why. She has a calming  presence and is a great sounding board to help process decisions during labor. She was so responsive and very knowledgeable before and after the baby was born. She was such a gift to have with us during labor(and her photos are amazing). We highly recommend!



When my husband and I found out we were having our first baby, finding a doula was one of the first things on our (my) list. Rebecca stood out above anyone else. Her personality, love for babies and knowledge in childbirth. Aside from her energy, she knew so much. There are so many mixed messages out there and opinions. It’s easy to listen and not ask questions. Rebecca gave us the tools and confidence to make informed decisions and that our birth experience was our choice. because ultimately we knew nothing. We ended up needing to have a planned cesarean and Rebecca remained by our (my) side the entire time and even following up to come visit afterwards. We will forever be thankful and remember the love and support Rebecca brought when we needed it the most.



When we found out we were having a baby, we knew we wanted to find a Doula, as it was our first child and this was all a new experience.  There were many choices available, but Rebecca really stood out to us the first time we met.  We really appreciated her organization, experience, and all the information and resources she provided.  She asked great questions and really listened to our answers.  Throughout the pregnancy and the meetings we had with her, she was extremely positive and encouraging about the labor and delivery.  It really set the tone and made us feel comfortable and relaxed, going into labor.  The pregnancy went 41 weeks 4 days and we were at risk of needing to transfer care to the hospital at 42 weeks.  Rebecca had the perfect solution and resource, and I will say it worked immediately and labor was a total of 2 hours.  We had the delivery and birth story we wanted!  We didn’t really know what to expect from a Doula, but couldn’t have asked for more from Rebecca.  With family across the country, she was the support system, encyclopedia and loving touch we were looking for.  We are so grateful to have her on our team, and receive her intuitive guidance and support.



My husband and I were referred to Rebecca with ‘Loving Touch Doulas’. We are so grateful to have had Rebecca with us from day one. She was there for us during our miscarriage as well as the journey and birth of our first child. Rebecca provides education, resources and referrals to help navigate preganancy and beyond. She is always quick to answer emails/texts/calls- whatever we needed she was there for us along the way. We are so happy to have found her and can’t imagine going through this without Rebecca. She helped make this transition as smooth as possible even when things do not go according to plan. Rebecca checked in with us postpartum and also captured photos of our newborn at home with our doggies. We are so very blessed to know Rebecca and hope to be able to have her with us for the next pregnancy.

Kimberly Shugart


Out of all the million decisions we had to make around pregnancy and birth, choosing to hire Rebecca as our doula may have been the best one. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She brings such a calming, loving and positive energy. She provides a deep knowledge of practices for providing support before, during, and after labor. She is open-minded and affirming. She also works extraordinarily well with healthcare providers in hospital setting to the point of which, at my first follow up appointment after birth, my OB doctor even mentioned her appreciation for Rebecca and how much she enjoyed her presence there. With our labor not going exactly as we planned, Rebecca ensured that no matter what turn the experience was going to take, every next step would go as best as it possibly could. On top of all of this she managed to capture some amazing photos for us during and immediately after birth which I will cherish forever. I can’t imagine a better doula than Rebecca!

Simone Ionica


We were so blessed to find and work with Rebecca! My family and relocated to the Phoenix area in Jan 2022 and were expecting our 2nd son in July 2022. We don’t have friends or family in the area but Rebecca quickly felt like a close friend to us. She is competent, warm, respectful, gentle and encouraging. I felt secure working with her in light of so much uncertainty. My labor was incredibly fast but she helped us make timely and critical decisions that ensured my son and I made it to the hospital in time for a safe delivery. We are so thankful for Rebecca!



Rebecca was a special part of our third birth and I’m so thankful to have found her. She was calm, confident, and incredibly supportive. She made me feel awesome in each birth decision I made. Capturing the birth both in still and film was something I will be forever grateful for. Rebecca documented our son, his birth, and the energy of the day beautifully.

We also had Rebecca help with placenta encapsulation which was very helpful during those first few weeks. She also did an amazing lifestyle shoot of our family in our home.

Thank you so much Rebecca for capturing the sweetness of this special time. I’m lucky to have these memories to look back on forever

Kendra Craig-Daddario


We used Rebecca for our second birth, which we chose a home birth over a hospital. From the very first meeting we felt imeediatly comfortable with her! We had others that we spoke to in our search for a doula after moving to AZ (and we had high standards as our first birth team was the very best or so we thought lol), but we spoke to Rebecca on the phone and met with her the following evening and pretty much hired her on the spot. She was also able to offer us her picture package along with the doula service, which was perfect for us as we live the documenting of the birth and process, for me I felt I get pictures and I wonder when did that happen so seeing it is amazing. She was very attentive and always willing to help throughout the whole pregnancy as I hired her within 2 months of the pregnancy, I’m a planner and hate the unknown lol. The day of birth I called and texted at 4am when the contractions started and she immediately responded and we chose to give it a couple hours to make sure I was for sure going to be in labor, but she showed up about 6 am and helped through one of the most amazing experiences I could ever have! Between her and my midwife, their knowledge and experience made my birthing plans, wants, and needs all come true! I will forever be so grateful to her! Husband and I have debated a 3rd and we already know for sure who our doula will be if we make that choice! If your on the fence of hiring a doula or choosing between a few, you will not be disappointed in your choice if you pick Rebecca!

Anna Woods


She is truly all things you hope for when hiring a doula. After our first meeting, I knew she was professional, reliable, on my team and truly understood how important this birth for a VBAC was to me. When she left our home I just KNEW she was it, feeling over the moon supported and heard. She definitely lessened  pains of pregnancy and labor- let’s get that right, and made me feel safe the whole way through. In the months leading up to delivery, she met us three times actually in our home & I felt incredibly prepared, supported,  excited and proud to have her. We were never rushed.

Day of delivery, she stayed in touch with me about every 30 minutes after calling her that my water broke and when I asked her to show up to our home, she was there promptly. She was respectful of my husbands role desiring to support me while also making suggestions and timing contractions etc. She never forgot to keep me hydrated, brought my oils out and assisted with pressure points, guided imagery at times and asked questions along the way. Thinking back, there was zero fear in birth- just like they say. I believe it is because of our meetings building me up and her affirming, calm presence. She was non intrusive too. I like that she wasn’t in our way or overbearing at all. We made our own decisions and I was feeling in control of my body. I never went against myself or felt obligated to do anything. I never once felt her attention to my birth lacking. As a great doula should be, she was intuitively on my wave length, kind and supportive.
It was all worth it and I could not have done all of it as smoothly, confidently and in my own power without her help from the very first meeting building me up for the big day. Thank you SO much Doula Rebecca. We are still beaming over that day & the whole experience.Hearts are full and proud. Highly recommend!

Friends and Favorites

These are my favorite providers and birthing spaces, with whom I have personally worked with , so I know their quality of care and am happy to share their information with you!

Don’t see your care provider on this list? Let me know! I love forming organic relationships and connections.