As a DONA certified Birth Doula, I am honored to be able to support families in the Phoenix, AZ area during their pregnancies and births. I also offer professional birth photography and placenta services.

Happily married for the last 20 years, I have been blessed with 4 wonderful sons, a beautiful daughter in law and two wonderful grandsons. Attending the birth of my first grandson is what inspired me to become certified, having supported a number of friends prior to his birth, I decide to make it “official.”

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of living internationally and am now delighted to call Phoenix my home. With the unique privilege of being a doula in more than 1 country, I believe in all kinds of birthing expressions and love working with people of all backgrounds and religious beliefs. Always adding to my professional Doula skill set, I am a former Evidence Based Birth® Instructor, Spinning Babies’, ‘Rebozo’ and ‘Acupressure’ trained and have Advanced DONA Doula Training in ‘Touch for Birth’ techniques. I am also certified to use a ‘TENS’ machine unit in early labor with the permission of your provider. All of this advanced training is for your comfort during labor, with the added assurance that you are getting the most excellent care available. As your Doula, you can expect me to support you to have the birth story that you desire, and to stand by every choice you make. 

My goal as your birth doula, is to help you have the best birth possible regardless of the circumstances, and for you and your husband/partner to feel supported and cared for. 

I look forward to connecting with you!




Women supported by a doula during labor have been shown to have:

  • 50% reduction in cesarean rate
  • 25% shorter labor
  • 60% reduction in epidural requests
  • 40% reduction in pitocin use
  • 30% reduction in analgesic use
  • 30% reduction in forceps delivery



Partners supported by a doula should expect:

  • a good birth doula to never try to take over your desired role but rather compliment and support you too
  • a doula to enhance your birth team so that you are freed up to be as involved as you want to be
  • doulas to encourage you to use comfort measures that she has shown you or that you have learned in birth classes and can also step in when you need a break or simply some insight and encouragement
  • that rather than take away from your very special and important role, the right doula will allow you to be able to support your wife/partner emotionally and physically during labor and birth but also be able to relax and feel supported yourself


With many professional packages to provide for all of my clients wants and needs, I serve the entire Phoenix, AZ area. Whether at home, in hospital or in a birthing center, I am always privileged to be asked into such a special time.

It is my desire, when you hire me to provide you and your partner/husband with the support necessary to make your pregnancy and birth a positive and rewarding experience. I recognize that no two births are alike and it is my privilege to assist you in your journey.


Basic Doula Package for $900.00 Includes:

Prenatal (1.5 to 2 hrs)

  • A free consultation
  • 1 or 2 Prenatal Appointments
  • Telephone and/or email support any time to discuss your questions or concerns
  • Guaranteed back up support from a qualified doula  with the same training and values

During Labor and Delivery

  • Labor and Delivery support starting in active labor (5-1-1 guideline) in your home, hospital or birth center and up to 2 hours after delivery to help establish breastfeeding
  • A birth timeline and a printed birth photo of my choosing (which you receive at your postpartum visit) 

Postpartum (1 hr)

  • 1 postpartum visit to make sure you and baby are doing well and to process your birth together
  • Assist in any breastfeeding questions or concerns
  • Newborn questions or concerns
  • Postpartum physical changes, etc
  • Unlimited professional resources before and after birth

Encapsulation Package for $1100.00 Includes:

  • Basic Services +
  • Placenta Encapsulation & Tincture 

Professional  Photography Package A for $1200.00 Includes:

  • Basic Services +
  • Labor and Birth Photography ( fully edited, high resolution with 20-25 black +white & color, digital and printed photos) 

Professional Photography Package B for $1400.00 Includes:

  • Basic Services +
  • Labor and Birth Photography ( fully edited, high resolution black + white & color, with 50 digital and printed photos) 

Deluxe Package for $1400.00 Includes:

  • Basic Services +
  • Placenta Encapsulation & Tincture 
  • Professional Photography Package A 

 Premier Package for $1600.00 Includes:

  • Basic Services +
  • Placenta Encapsulation & Tincture
  • Professional Photography Package B




  •  Fresh 48/Newborn/Family Meet & Greet Sessions


What is Placenta Encapsulation?

Placenta Encapsulation is the process of preparing the mother’s placenta after the birth of her baby and dehydrating it to then be ground and placed into capsules for the mother to ingest as she sees fit. Many women have experienced placenta encapsulation as a great way to help with the postpartum transition and hormone changes in a way that’s healthy and palatable. Women who have tried it report these benefits:

  • Reintroduce the beneficial vitamins, minerals, hormones, proteins, and other nutrients to her body after birth to help restore a more balanced body function
  • Prevent “baby blues” and the more serious postpartum depression
  • Increase breast-milk production and shorten healing time
  • Increase maternal energy levels, and provide an over-all feeling of wellness to aid in the transition between pregnancy and the early postpartum period in the woman who has just given birth.

What is a Placenta/Mothers Tincture?

Placenta or Mothers Tincture is made from a piece of the mother’s own raw placenta after birth, steeping in alcohol making a strong remedy over 6- 8 weeks (which can be made into a Homeopathic Remedy by your certified Homeopath) as well as used for the following:

  • Balance postpartum/hormonal fluctuations both for Mom and also Daughters
  • Soothe indigestion for mom and baby
  • Decrease insomnia and sleep disorders
  • Ease anxiety and emotional distress
  • Reduce symptoms of PMS and later in life for menopause
  • Reduce colic and teething in baby
  • Aids in trauma, transition, or emotional distress
  • Stabilize moods

 Basic Encapsulation Services for $200.00 Includes:

  • Pick Up of Placenta by a LTD representative within 24 hours after delivery unless you are a Loving Touch Doulas birth client
  • Full placenta preparation and encapsulation process using the Raw Method and either Vegetarian gel capsules or Gelatin capsules
  • Proper storage container of the completed placenta pills
  • Written instructions for proper storage and handling/suggestions for ingestion amounts of the finished placenta pills
  • Placenta/Mother Tincture preparation and written instructions for proper storage and handling/suggestions for ingestion amounts for both Mother and Child
  • Delivery of the finished product to the client at the agreed upon location by both parties within 72 hours
  • Placenta prints and Cord keepsakes for additional fees


Loving Touch Doulas (LTD) is not a pharmacy, pharmaceutical representative, holistic practitioner, herbalist, or medical doctor. Benefits of placentophagy are supported by ongoing research but have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Placentophagy, ( it is intended solely for ingestion by the mother who has birthed the placenta and not for her family members, friends, or other individuals) is a natural nutritional supplement and as such cannot be guaranteed to produce specific results.







Birth Photography in Home/Hospital or Birth Center for $1250.00 (including $250.00 on call fee):

  • On-call 24/7 starting at 38-42 weeks
  • Unlimited coverage from active labor (6 cm dilated ) until 2 hours post partum
  • 100-200 professionally edited, digital and printed images in color + black & white 
  • High Resolution
  • Print Release



 Fresh 48/Newborn/ Family Meet & Greet Sessions for $350.00 includes:

  • 60 minutes shoot time
  • Home/Hospital/Birth Center
  • 25-50 professionally edited, digital images in color + black & white
  • High Resolution
  • Print Release






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After two difficult deliveries, my husband and I decided to seek out a Doula for our third and final child. After meeting with several candidates we selected Rebecca. What a great decision we made! From the prenatal visits, to the delivery room, and post natal contact she was phenomenal. Despite it being Christmas Eve, she was available at the hospital for us when we needed her.  Though my perfect delivery didn’t turn out to be the way I had initially hoped, she was very supportive. Rebecca was the voice of calm during the storm. Her cool collected attitude was exactly what we needed to get through the stressful anxious delivery.  She allowed me to be in control of my labor, while supporting every decision I made. I was grateful to have someone with so much compassion and understanding in my corner. We were thankful that she didn’t try to take control or dictate how I would deliver, even after my initial birth plan changed and labor slowed.  After the delivery she remain in close contact and was extremely supportive and helpful when some complications arrived.

In addition, we also took advantage of her and capsulation and birth photography services. Both were remarkable, and indescribable. Her work is simply amazing! If you were looking for someone to remain calm and support you every step of the way, Rebecca is the perfect match.

Rachel Stryker 1/13/2018


We decided to hire Rebecca as our doula for our third baby. Both of our last births did not go as planned so we were praying that things would be different this time around. During my pregnancy there were some complications & every time I reached out to Rebecca with a new update she was so helpful. She also helped us put together our birth plan and was very knowledgeable about all of our options. On my daughter’s birth day I was sure to give Rebecca updates throughout the day but our contractions intensified rather quickly. Rebecca was the first one we called & she helped us determine when to head to the hospital. She met us there just a few minutes after we arrived & helped us navigate through ER to triage & into our delivery room in a matter of minutes! Our labor progressed so quickly and our daughter was born less than 30 minutes after we arrived at the hospital. Rebecca was sure to remind us & our team of everything that we had decided for our birth plan & she helped us stick to it as best we could. She was able to snap some special pictures even though our labor was so quick. After Lillian was born Rebecca stayed with us to make sure we were all settled in & she helped us process everything that had just occurred. I am so thankful that she was with us that day and was able to help us achieve the birthing experience that we desired!

Heather Torrez 1/11/2018


I’ll never forget my birth experience with Rebecca. Pregnancy can be such a time of mixed emotions, inner turmoil along with joy and excitement. Rebecca saw through my fear and emotional battles, she saw through them and guided me along never forsaking her role as a doula even before my child was born. Every step of the way she guided us with wisdom and educated us both with facts to prepare us while always making sure we knew what our rights were as expecting parents. Rebecca is so dedicated in ensuring you have the best possible birth, the best possible outcome. I truly don’t know what I would have done without her by my side. She gave me strength when I felt like I didn’t have any left. Her presence and the images she captured will stay with me always. It’s exactly how I want to remember this special moment in my life. Thank you so much Rebecca, Carl and I are so glad to have found you. We are so grateful you were a part of this journey.

Adrianna Savillo 12/13/2017


After a lot of research about VBAC, I quickly realized that I was going to need the support of a doula to help guide me through the process.  Rebecca came highly recommended by a friend, and after our initial meeting, my husband and I both knew that she would be a good fit.  She has such a peaceful and calming energy about her that instantly put our fears at ease.  We learned so much from the education that she provided, which helped me come to the realization that in order to have the best chances at the type of birth that I desired, I would need to switch providers.  The idea of finding a new provider so late in the game was overwhelming to me and was not an easy choice to make by any means, but Rebecca made the process less scary and helped me find a group of providers that were more open to some of my birth preferences.  I made the switch at 34 weeks and had Rebecca’s support every step of the way.  Her frequent communication through text was invaluable and helped me to feel encouraged whenever I felt unsure, especially after my due date came and went.  Once I was in active labor, Rebecca met us at the hospital and never left our side.  What happened in the next 5 hours was a bit of a blur, but I remember thinking how calm and professional Rebecca remained, even during moments where I would have been stressed or not able to communicate clearly.  She was so graceful in the way that she worked with the nurses to help us labor in positions that I would have never imagined myself in.  There were many moments where I doubted myself, but in the end, it was Rebecca’s encouragement that helped me to find an inner strength that I didn’t even know I had and I was ultimately able to achieve a fully unmedicated VBAC.  I will never forget how empowered and supported she made me feel during one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, and for that I will be forever grateful.

Cory Poetzl 12/5/2017


I am so thankful I was able to have Rebecca as my doula for my second child. I wanted a doula with my first birth but didn‘t really know where to start and time got away from me. My first birth went fairly well and my wishes were respected (thanks to my sister) but it would have been so much better to have an expert around to help me and my husband navigate the unknown. I chose Rebecca based on a recommendation of a friend and I am so lucky that she agreed to be my doula.

This pregnancy was extremely stressful for me due to several external stressors. Rebecca stuck with me even when I dropped off the face of the earth due to my coping skills (or lack thereof) after a very stressful and traumatic family tragedy. Rebecca’s calm presence and powerful healing energy helped me to get to the mindset that I needed in order to have the unmedicated birth that I planned. I don’t think I could have done it without her. She helped to empower me to do what I needed to do even when I was doubting myself.

On the evening of the delivery, we arrived at an overcrowded hospital to find women waiting for hours to be triaged. Rebecca helped to walk my husband through getting me admitted more quickly as we were ready to find another hospital.

Rebecca’s presence during my labor and delivery was so calming. Her energy transformed the whole room and helped give me mental strength and clarity. She provided constant support and guidance and also helped me discuss my wishes with the hospital staff.

Rebecca’s support before, during, and after birth has been incredible. I would highly recommend Rebecca to anyone looking for a doula and would without a doubt use her again.

We also utilized Rebecca’s birth photography service. I am so glad we did. Her pictures are incredible and we will cherish them forever. I am so glad we had someone to document our daughter’s birth.

Thank you so much!!

Brittany Angel 10/11/2017


Where do I start to describe the wonderful care and guidance Rebecca provided us for the birth of our second baby, but first take home baby? A couple years ago we had a late miscarriage and then struggled with fertility to conceive our second baby, who I’ve called our “first take home baby” since we conceived her. After dicussion, my husband and I decided we wanted a doula present to help us with the birth of our second baby. Rebecca was the first doula we interviewed and we decided on the drive home from meeting her that we didn’t need to interview anybody else, she was a good fit for us. She had an immediate understanding in regard to our situation and made us feel so comfortable, we knew we would be in good hands. Since my husband and I weren’t able to attend a birth class, she guided us to different resources to help us become more informed about the whole process. During our two pre-birth meetings, she asked us how our doctor appointments were going, provided guidance and support and when it came to fears related to our previous experience, she would acknowledge them and help us work through those feelings. She helped us develop our birth plan and when nothing went according to plan, she was there to support us in the decisions that had to be made. During our induction process Rebecca was knowledgeable about pain interventions and helped me and my husband work through contractions. In our meeting after the birth of our little girl via c-section, she continued to encourage us and help us process a birth that, again, was not according to plan. At the end, she reminded us, either way, we have this perfect little baby in our arms and she’s healthy- that’s all that matters. My husband and I have discussed over and over, how we don’t know how anybody goes through the birth experience without a doula and as far as we’re concerned Rebecca is the best available!

Jessica Ramos 7/12/2017


About half way through my pregnancy, my husband and I finally made the decision to hire a doula. A friend of ours had highly recommended their doula, Rebecca. I was intrigued by the birth photography. I was sick when I contacted Rebecca for the interview and she was so sweet, she told me that she actually only one spot available for late April and gave me a tip to get over my illness. This seemed like fate and I didn’t look at any other doulas. Both Chris and I loved Rebecca at the interview so we booked on the spot. She has been a wonderful source of knowledge and was very supportive of the non medicated, natural birth I wanted. In the last weeks of my pregnancy Rebecca was wonderful, answering my questions all hours of the night and patiently walking me through the multiple false “maybe this is it!” moments I kept having. Rebecca was paramount to my successful natural birth. She came to our house super early in the morning on the real labor day, and patiently hung around with us when labor stalled, was able to get labor going again and reposition the baby allowing me to labor primarily at home. She knew exactly when to head to the hospital and helped me control myself during contractions and delivery. Even though I am a first time mom, I had my baby girl within an hour and a half of arriving at the hospital. Only 11 of those minutes being in the delivery room and delivering my baby. She helped my husband support me and truly helped me have the perfect birth. My baby girl is precious and was brought into this world under the best possible circumstances. Her support doesn’t stop at birth either, I am still in contact with her regarding my postpartum wellness. The other services she offers are more than worth it. The photos were priceless and the placenta encapsulations have helped tremendously. Rebecca is truly one of a kind, words cannot express how important it was for her to be apart of my birth story. Both my husband and I are so thankful to have met her.
Rachel Regan Bermant 5/7/2016


This is a long overdue review for Rebecca. Our daughter is now 6 months old and time has just flown by. When my wife told me she wanted to hire a doula for the birth of our second child I thought to myself “this is odd but happy wife, happy life”. Our first child was a C-section and recovery was very hard for my wife due. Looking back on things, hiring Rebecca was the best birth decision we could have made. I was extremely grateful that I was included with the interview process. When I first met Rebecca I instantly know she was a great fit for our family. She was always calm and was always there to answer with any silly guy questions I had. On the day of delivery I was calling and texting Rebecca letting her know where we were and how we were doing. As soon as she showed up at the hospital I instantly felt relief that one of us (aka Rebecca) knew what we were doing. She was there to support my wife through labor contractions and pain. She showed me pressures points and techniques that helped with my wife pain always guiding and supporting my role. She was reassuring in the labor room, always supporting and informing us of our choices. Watching her interact with the nurses and doctors was amazing she was never in the way and always there when we needed her. My wife was in labor for only 8 hours and we owe it all to Rebecca’s calming voice and encouragement. Even now, 6 months later, my wife (and I) tear up when we think of this day and how much Rebecca helped. Her photos are amazing too!

Tyler Shilling 3/31/2016


I was a last minute client and from the beginning, Rebecca was very engaged in the process – quick to respond and dependable. I was hoping for a natural birth without pain medications in a hospital. She was flexible and worked well with me and my family. The prenatal appt was informative and inspiring; she was the first person to tell me about a slow leak when your water breaks, which actually happened to me. After I arrived at the hospital, she kept in touch until we decided it was time for her to come in. The minute she got there with her positive attitude, assertiveness, and calming personality, I felt so relieved. During times of concern, she kept our worries at bay while still being realistic. The doctors strongly pushed Pitocin and an epidural on me since my membranes had been ruptured more than 24 hours and I wasn’t progressing “fast enough.” Rebecca suggested working through any emotional blockages, as they could have been holding me back. With her guidance and meditation practices, I finally was able to let go. Her pain management techniques truly did ease my pain and helped me listen to my body. Rebecca was instrumental in re-positioning baby, which avoided a lot of extra pain for mama. Rebecca was by my side the whole time during labor and provided sunshine in the room. After I went home, she was quick to hand-deliver the encapsulated placenta and tincture. She checked in on my post-partum recovery including lactation and well-being. She edited and printed photos of my labor, which are fantastic- she caught the perfect moments. She also wrote an account of my labor through her eyes, something for the memory books. Rebecca takes a lot of pride in her work; her finishing touches are thoughtful and tasteful. Despite all her knowledge and preparedness, what I appreciated most, was her loving kindness, confidence, and mindfulness. I can’t recommend her enough. I have such beautiful memories of my son’s birth and so much of that I owe to Rebecca.

Kelsey Reavis, 2015

I cannot say enough about how incredible Rebecca was in contributing to the birth of my son on March 19th.  Rebecca’s exceptional knowledge and kind heart helped ensure our birthing experience was as stress free and memorable as possible.  Being first time parents, both my husband and i were a touch apprehensive and overwhelmed with all things childbirth related.  Upon meeting Rebecca, we both felt an instant wave of relief due to Rebecca’s wealth of knowledge in ALL areas of childbirth. She was on call for us whenever we had any kind of questions – pre birth as well as post birth.  Rebecca made time to come visit us twice post birth and would answer any questions that we had, any time of the day. In fact, she continues to check in with us periodicallly… what a woman!

Rebecca also offers birth photography and placenta encapulation, both services were money well spent.  The photos were so beautiful, i was truly blown away.

If my husband and i choose to have another baby, i will ensure that Rebecca is by our side once again.

Lisa Pilgrim, 2015


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